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Before Fabiënne starts with the treatment she asks the owner to complete a questionnaire, so she gets to know more about the history of the horse, his living conditions and the goals that the owner has with the horse. After that Fabiënne examines the horse's body posture. A horse will always try to make himself comfortable, he recreates balance or re-establish a convenient balance. No matter how often you will let the horse stop, he always goes back in the body position he prefers. Fabiënne will do some tests with the horse to get a good impression of his balance and body posture. These tests are visible for the owners, and tells you al lot about the body posture of the horse. After that, Fabiënne examines the respiration, condition of the tissue, leg reflexes, the movements of the horse while he is walking and other signs that give a good impression of the horse's body.
Before the Cranio Sacral treatment starts, Fabiënne makes some photo's to determine the body posture of the horse.

Then Fabiënne begins with the treatment. It's pleasant for the horse if the treatment takes place in his own environment (stable or meadow). Fabiënne prefers to work with dry and clean horses but it's not required. She uses all her senses to make the treatment complete. After the Cranio- Sacral treatment Fabiënne uses some of her massage techniques to stimulate the blood circulation.
The first treatment takes about 2,5 to 3 hours, this includes the questionnaire, the evaluation and the photo's. When the treatment is done Fabiënne makes new photo’s so you can compare them with photo's who were made before the treatment and see the difference in the horse his body.

After a treatment the horse has (in consultation with Fabiënne) to rest for at least 4 to 5 days, preferably in the paddock or meadow. So that means no stable rest. Experience shows that it’s best to let the horse rest for about a weak. This depends on how serious the problems are. After a week you need to lunge youre horse 2 days and after that you can slowly start to train the horse again. Fabiënne will give advice about the training.

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The best way to get an appointment is trough e-mail:, so I will not be disturbed by phone calls while I'm treating horses.