Fabiënne Kiesebrink

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Reference Esther Oorspronk.

After a period of rest I started riding my horse again. My goal was to start competitions on Z2 level, so I asked Fabiënne if she would train me and my horse. What I really like about Fabiënnes lessons is that she takes into announce characteristics of both rider and horse. For the rider are both mental en physical properties important for giving the right aids to your horse. Fabiënne is interested in sports psychology and recognizes the values and strength of different types of people. She also has an eye for the properties of the rider. My experience during the lessons is that Fabiënne both mentally and physically tries to learn you where your boundaries are, and then push them! Because of that my enthusiasm to improve myself is increased.
To become an equestrian you need a horse! When the development of my horse faltered, Fabiënne helped us, to give my horse the mental and physical opportunities to improve his development. She also taught me to listen to my horse, so I can improve his welfare. What a great experience to see how much my horse can change with a proper treatment.