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About treatment headshaker Ceros

At the headshake call on my website I received an email from a young lady about her horse Ceros.
An English thoroughbred stallion of six years old.
The horse was examined in a clinic but the vet could not find a reason why he was shaking. They also tried other therapies but unfortunately it did not help Ceros. In the quest to find relief for Ceros, Priscilla Heijkoop ( told the owner about the call on my website.
I like it when cooperation can create something beautiful like this:)!
So we made an appointment and I travelled to Zwolle to meet Ceros. Upon arrival I met a brave and very well- bred stallion. He didn't know he was a stallion;)..After I examined the horse and observed his movements it was visible to me that Ceros had different traumas at his body and skull. That was the reason why he was shaking his head.
After treatment he was no longer shaking his head and his posture and movements were positively changed.

Over the next view days Ceros owner saw him shaking his head only once and he was much more energetic and alert. Two weeks later I received a message from Ceros owner that Ceros was doing very well. Maybe a little bit too well, because he find out that he was a stallion and while he stood in the meadow he mated his girlfriend...
Luckily his owner did not mind….. Cranio Sacral Therapy ROCKS!