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Competition accompaniment.

Since a few years sport psychology finds its way to the equestrians sports. At first it was only focused on the professional athletes. But after a while It was also introduced to riders who just started riding. Sport psychology improves the learning- and training process of the rider and his horse.

Everyone had experienced this every once in a while; you're at a competition, you look at your competitors and think, well maybe I'll just go home... before everybody noticed me and my horse…

Change your negative thought into positive thoughts!
Mental training is the systematic acquisition of your skills with the goal to improve your performance.
To become the best of your level and to distinguish yourself it is important that you mentally trained as good as possible that you can give the best of yourself at the right moment.
Do you have self-control during a competition and which goals did you set for yourself. Before you start to work with this, it's important to know what type of rider you are. Fabiënne will give you a questionnaire, that you have to fill in, with the answers you give, Fabiënne can have a closer view on what kind of rider you are. She will discussed the outcome of the questionnaire with you and that she makes a strategy for your competition accompaniment.
Fabiënne has noticed that a lot of riders get trained by their trainer at home but the trainer is not there at the day of the competition. So de riders suddenly has to do it all by his self. Many times this causes stress, tension and eventually frustration. "At home it all went so well and now it went terribly wrong, why??"
That’s why Fabiënne thinks it’s important to join her riders at a competition every once in a while, she films the competition and the coupon will be discusses. So the rider learns what already goes very well and what needs some extra training. When Fabiënne isn’t joining her riders on a competition, she want the rider to bring the coupon to the next training so she can discussed the completion on based on the point of the coupon. Fabiënne finds it really important that the rider and his horse enjoy each other, during the competition!

The cost of competition accompaniment is on request and depends on where the competition is located.