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Photos treatment horse 3

The first 3 pictures show a horse who hasn't had his treatment yet. His hindquarters are sharp and stiff. His weight is not divided on his 4 legs. When his owner is riding him, he has got difficulties with putting his hind legs under his body. He holds the bit between his teeth and is rearing up and he is very sensitive on his loins. His skull is showing a swelling and there is pressure on his forehead. His neck shows extreme tension and that's why he had got difficulties with bending his body. His front legs are placed behind his shoulders and the tissue of his whole body is really tight.

On the next 3 pictures you see the horse after his second treatment. His soft tissue looks more relaxed and his front legs are placed under his shoulder now. He is more balanced and his weight is more divided on his 4 legs. The tension is his neck is reduced even as the swelling on his forehead. His movements improved a lot. His hindquarters looks more relaxed and loose, he is alert and clearly feels more comfortable.